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Our spas specialize in the most advanced facial treatments in the GTA. Located at 4 convenient locations in Yorkville, Bayview Village, Beaches and Danforth.

Advanced treatments! Advanced technology! Advanced ingredients! Advanced skincare!

But most of all - It's all About You!

A treatment like no other, the non invasive award winning HydroFacial treatment will deliver instant glow and hydration to rejuvenate your skin!

Suitable for all skin types, HydroFacial offers noticeable results with no pain, no downtime or irritation for long-term skin health.

This treatments consists of Exfoliation to remove Dead Skin cells, revealing new fresh surface of skin.

Then a Hydrating suction Pore Extraction is performed to remove Impurities and Toxins. You will see immediate results!

To finish off,  your skin will enjoy our lab’s customized formulation of Peptides and Vitamin Plasma Serum for a maximum Glow and Radiance.

HydroFacial can be customized to address specific concerns.

Main Benefits

  • Improves skin tone, texture and elasticity
  • Extracts blackheads, dirt, and oil
  • Tightens pores
  • Reduces the appearance of brown spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Clinically formulated for acne, anti-aging, and sensitive skin


Refrain from waxing, sun tanning, or using any exfoliating products for 72hours before your treatment. On the appointment day allow plenty of time for your HydroFacial; arrive 10 minutes early to allow yourself time to relax. If it is your first time at the spa, you’ll be asked to complete a pre-treatment health questionnaire.

HydroFacial is suitable for all skin types, during your consultation, the aesthetician will analyze your skin to determine which step she will need to focus on during the treatment. Products used in the process will depend on your skin type.

The skin is gently exfoliated in a painless suction process, using hydration in the process. It is not unusual to see mild redness immediately after the treatment with cleansed and whiter skin. A use of sunscreen is recommended to protect the new skin.


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*Legal Disclaimer: Individual results may vary; every patient is unique; therefore, no single technique is suited to all cases. Before & after photos and videos are not guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar: each individual patient’s results will be different.

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