Does Cupping Work?

Trying to juggle everything in life has led Americans to be the most stressed they’ve ever been in recorded history, according to some studies. With various techniques of managing this stress: Meditating, journaling, exercise, hot baths, self care, running, and sometimes just hoping the stress will go away, many of us are looking to increase

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Collagen is the most rich protein the body that helps give structure to our hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons in our body. We are able to move, bend and stretch thanks to collagen. The more we age, the more stress we put on our body, and this impacts our collagen more than you

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Home remedies for dry skin

2. Coconut Oil has emollient properties that fill the spaces between skin cells and creating a smooth surface. This is why the saturated natural fatty acids that occur in Coconut Oil can smoothen and nourish the skin, while keeping it hydrated. You can use Coconut oil on a daily basis on the most sensitive and

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Cruelty-free beauty

Let us give you some insight on what cruelty-free really means: Cruelty-free means that there is no animal testing involved in the production of products, from the ingredients that are used, all the way until the final product that ends up on the shelves. Whether it’s for skincare or cosmetics, animal testing is not required

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