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Your body is your temple and let us treat it and respect it and let us bring you new ways of treating it, with maximum results with minimal discomfort. Each treatment at VIP Skin Lounge is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, acquiring the desired results using non-invasive safe sequences and the most advanced technologies.

Microdermabrasion Treatment

Remove dead skin cells and immerge new smooth and brightened skin

Laser Lipolysis

Maximize the volume of excess fat throughout the body 

RF Body Lift

Rejuvenate, stimulate, tighten and tone your body without needles or scalpels

Thermal Body Wrap

Indulge in a warm body mask to invigorate a complete body detox

V Max Body

V max body uses High Intensity Focused Ultra Sound (Hifu) breaking down fat in the deeper layer of the skin

Air Pressure Slimming

A full body treatment for lymphatic drainage and overall slimming

LED Hair Treatment

Stimulation of hair follicles to promote hair growth

Body Cupping

A treatment for pain management and lymphatic drainage. Also helps with stubborn fat. 

Back Treatment

Full back exfoliating and hydrating treatment to smooth skin texture and leave you glowing

Buttocks Lift

A treatment to reshape your buttocks muscles and tighten your skin for a smoother look and feel

Body Sculpt Treatment

Increase muscle strength, decrease body weight and fat, and improve muscle firmness to tone your body

Pelvic Floor Treatment

Safe and painless treatment to tighten your pelvic floor muscle, treat incontinence and enhance sexual performance.

LED Phototherapy

Let this treatment be your introduction to the NASA verified LED anti-aging world. Improve blood circulation and activate regeneration for a new you body

Arms Treatment

The perfect seasonal treatment to exfoliate your arms and hands, and leave them super hydrated and smooth.

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