Must Know Myths And Facts About Retinol

retinolCountless times we’ve heard the phrase “wonder drug” or “miracle pill” or have seen those ads claiming a newfound secret in skincare has dermatologists fuming! But, more often than not, the super serum is nothing more than snake oil, or at the very best, only impacts skin care and health in a very minimal, underwhelming way. In recent years, retinol has been hailed as a wonder item for the skin, creating a lot of buzz and excitement for its supposed rejuvenation properties, from anti-aging to keeping skin tone even: can one thing really address so many issues and so well at that too? If you’ve been wondering about retinol, from the hype to the truth, we’ve compiled some common myths and some common truths about retinol, so keep reading!

Myths About Retinol 

  • Results From Retinol Are Immediate
    • Not at all! In fact, you can expect some flaking, mild breakouts, and even some severe peeling in certain cases within the first few weeks of using retinol. The exact opposite of the results you may be going for! However, experts recommend sticking with retinol for more than six weeks as visible results show up around the 12-week mark. Your skin needs to adapt to the retinol, which as it does, will allow for the irritation to subside. If you find the irritation from retinol use to be too much, decrease the dosage or usage, but continue using.
  • Retinol Is Good For Acne
    • Because of the results seen with retinol: clear, vibrant skin, many assume that if their aim is clear skin then retinol is the way to go. However, retinol and retinoids in general may not directly affect acne as it is caused by oil production and clogged pores. To deal with acne, you may need a product specifically designed for it.
  • Retinol Should Not Be Used Around The Eye
    • ‘Be careful where you apply retinol’ is what you may have heard; however, applying retinol up to the eye can lead to wonderful results!

Ready For The Facts About Retinol? 

Then come into the Aionios Med Spa! With years of experience helping aid the body’s recovery and rest, we’d be happy to walk you through the facts about retinol, and, if you find that you’re looking for a less intensive form of skin rejuvenation, we have a variety of techniques and therapies that is sure to get your skin looking youthful and vibrant! If you’re in the Yorkville area, give us a call today at 800-840-8506!

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