3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Routine Cleansing Facials

cleansing facial

Cleansing facials can be a wonderful and relaxing activity you can get professionally done for your skin. While your skincare products at home can help maintain your skin, getting a cleansing facial from an established medical spa cannot be beaten. At Aionios Med Spa we pride ourselves on our friendly staff and on providing top-of-the-line skin care products to use during your facial. Continue reading to see the benefits of routinely scheduled cleansing facials.

Routine Facials? How Often Are We Talking About?

Well, obviously as many as you like! However, through our experience, we’ve found that receiving a cleansing facial once a month is the ideal timeframe to keep your skin looking amazing. And unfortunately, the reason for such frequency is due to just how much pollution your skin is attacked with on a regular basis. From your natural bodily oils building up, to airborne contaminants like dirt and dust your poor pores are constantly under assault. If you simply rely on over-the-counter skin care, that will only keep your skin healthy to a point. That’s why here at Aionios Med Spa we recommend paying us a monthly visit to keep your skin happy and healthy.

Benefits of Routine Cleansing Facials

While getting a cleaning facial is great on its own. When you form a routine and get one us on a semi-regular basis, you are consistently giving your skin what it needs to thrive. No matter what kind of environment you are in on a daily basis, giving your skin a deep clean at least once each month allows for the denial of clogged pores and breakouts. Furthermore, if you add in a bit of your own skincare routine on top of that your skin will remain rejuvenated for longer in between each visit with us.

What if I Have Sensitive Skin and Am Unsure About Getting a Cleansing Facial?

For any new customers, or at least those of you new to this type of facial procedure-we will sit down with you and talk you through the process. One of our wonderful aestheticians will analyze your skin and see what kind of patterns typically form. Whether your skin tends to be dry or oily, or any sort of stubborn blemishes that seem to plague your skin will be noted. From there they will gather the products they think would be best for your skin and begin your own personalized facial cleansing. Prior to it starting, this is a great time to talk to us about any topical allergies you may have, or what you’re around during your typical day-to-day. The end goal is to give you the best treatment possible for your skin type and daily life.

Schedule Your Cleansing Facial Today! 

So don’t wait, give us a call here at Aionios Med Spa today at 800-840-8506! We have locations across Toronto and always love meeting new valued clients. And please, if you have any uncertainties whatsoever, you’re always more than welcome to call and ask us. Skincare is incredibly important for a healthy life and even a healthy mindset. We want to help you achieve the exact results you’re looking for, so schedule a cleansing facial with us today, and let’s talk about skincare together!

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