Led Hair Treatment for Thinning or Lost Hair on the Scalp

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If you are noticing more hair in the shower drain and less hair on your head, you may be dealing with alopecia or hair thinning and loss. Fortunately, with today’s amazing advances in technology, you now have options other than surgical hair transplants to restore hair thickness and volume. At Aionis Med Spa of Toronto, ON, we may recommend treatments such as LED therapy.

What Causes Hair Thinning and Loss?

Hair thinning and hair loss may have multiple causes, including genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions, certain medications or treatments, diet, stress, and excess styling. Though it is not always possible to prevent hair thinning or loss due to genetics or medical conditions such as alopecia areata, making healthy lifestyle choices and avoiding certain styling practices can help protect your hair from further damage.

Genetics plays a large role in pattern baldness and other forms of permanent hair loss. Your family history can often be the biggest indicator of whether you will experience hair thinning and loss in your lifetime. With certain treatment options, many patients can combat genetics and restore their hair. At Aionis Med Spa, we can recommend solutions such as LED hair treatment.

How Does LED Hair Treatment Work?

With LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy for hair thinning and loss, you can expect to see healthier, thicker strands in no time. LED therapy works by promoting hair growth through a series of pulsating light wavelengths. These wavelengths penetrate the scalp’s surface to stimulate blood flow and nourishment within the follicles. The increased blood circulation helps to repair damaged tissue, allowing for better absorption of nutrients into the scalp and strengthening existing strands of hair. Additionally, red light emitted from the LED device promotes collagen production in skin cells. With regular treatments, you can expect to see a reduction in hair thinning as well as improvements in overall volume and texture.

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If you are looking for an easy way to restore your locks without resorting to invasive treatments, LED light treatment for hair thinning and loss may be the solution for you! Call Aionis Med Spa at 1-800-840-8506 to request an appointment at our Toronto, ON practice and find out more about this and other hair restoration techniques employed at our medical spa office.

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