Chemical-Free Facials for Clearer, More Youthful Skin

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Chemical peels are a great way to clear impurities, exfoliate the skin, and rejuvenate its appearance. However, many patients want to stay away from chemical and chemical products, opting for gentler, more natural alternatives. At Aionios Med Spa of Toronto, ON, our providers are dedicated to providing just what our patients desire! This includes offering chemical-free facials to clear skin, boost health, and improve its youthful look.

How does a chemical-free facial work?

Patients come into our office for their scheduled appointments and have their skin evaluated by one of our team members. We can determine, based on the current health of the skin and the skin type, what treatment is best. We cleanse the skin, provide chemical-free products for exfoliation, and provide a soothing massage where these ingredients are maximized in the results they provide. We also apply serums and products onto the skin to add volume, close large pores, and soothe the skin with moisture and hydration. When patients leave our office after their chemical-free facial, they feel comfortable, relaxed, and rejuvenated, both inside and out!

Why should I choose a chemical-free facial at Aionios Med Spa?

There are many reasons to consider a chemical-free facial at Aionios Med Spa. Perhaps you have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate chemicals well. Maybe you have skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, or eczema that require a more natural approach to skincare. Or, you may simply want to detoxify your skin without the use of harsh chemicals. No matter what your reason, our team is here to provide you with gentle, natural solutions which will improve both the health and appearance of your skin without any irritation! We focus on providing just what our patients desire to make sure they have a positive experience–and outcome–with our services.

Call Aionios Med Spa to learn more about chemical-free facials!

If you live in the Toronto, ON area and are interested in learning more about chemical-free facials, call Aionios Med Spa today at 1-800-840-8506. We are open to new and returning patients in the community, serving individuals ready to rejuvenate and transform their skin’s appearance and health with the assistance of our providers.

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