Laser Lipolysis as an Alternative to Traditional Liposuction

Mans Fit Torso With Surgical Lines On His Body Before Operation

Both adult men and women often struggle with unwanted fat on the body, especially as they age and certain conditions cause bodies to change, such as pregnancy or menopause. While traditional diet and exercise are typically recommended to reduce weight, pockets of fat may remain on the body and need manual removal. This is when the team at Aionios Med Spa of Toronto, ON, may suggest the benefits of a treatment known as laser lipolysis.

What is laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is a special cosmetic procedure that uses laser energy to break down fat cells. The heat from the laser energy effectively destroys the fat cells, which are then removed from the body through natural processes.

Where can laser lipolysis be used?

Laser lipolysis is used to treat areas of the body with stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure can be performed on the stomach, hips, thighs, arms, and other body areas. It can also be used to address submental fullness or extra fat in the chin area, which is often referred to as a “double chin.”

Is laser lipolysis safe?

Laser lipolysis is considered a safe and effective treatment for reducing fat in specific areas of the body. Most people report satisfaction with their results and experience minimal side effects. In fact, many recover far faster than they would with traditional liposuction performed by a plastic surgeon. The procedure is faster and more affordable for patients as well, making it a reliable and highly desirable treatment for both genders dealing with pockets of unwanted fat on the face or body.

How do I determine if I am a good candidate for laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis can be an excellent solution for patients who have been unable to address the area of unwanted fat with diet and exercise alone. Thanks to continued advances in cosmetic medicine, patients have alternatives to consider when thinking about fat removal techniques. If you want to speak to our providers about the benefits of laser lipolysis and to determine candidacy, call 1-800-840-8506 to schedule an appointment at our Toronto, ON office.

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