Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient to look for

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Hyaluronic Acid already naturally occurs in the body. It attracts and holds on to moisture in the skin cells, which makes the skin feel more hydrated and plump, and that’s just one of the major benefits. Here I’ll be listing and explaining more benefits of Hyaluronic Acid.

1. Hydration

Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. It penetrates into the skin and binds together the water to skin cells, adding this to all the layers of the skin – rejuvenating its moisture.

2. Preserves Moisture

After you’ve infused the skin with  moisture, hyaluronic acid acts as a humectant (preserves moisture) and continues to draw moisture from your surrounding environment. Think of a humectant like a sponge – it continues to draw in and hold onto moisture after it is collected. This provides a very long lasting hydration for the skin.

3. Lipid Barrier

The top layer of the epidermis takes the impact of toxins. The older we get,  the slower the lipid barrier gets (fatty acid that traps water and prevents irritants getting in the skin), this results in more fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and drier skin. Hyaluronic Acid fortifies the skin’s natural barrier to help the moisture stay in the skin for a proficient hydrating effect. With time, this can help with the depreciating effect of the lipid barrier and can help reinforce and protect it.

4. Resiliency

As the lipid barrier is being helped and protected by the hyaluronic acid, the skin will be able to better defend its self from the environmental factors and pollutants around you. When the skin is not fighting these toxins, the skin remains bouncier, brighter and less wrinkled. It is important to know that people with oily/acne prone skin don’t have as strong of a lipid barrier, as they tend to strip all oils from their face. This will encourage inflammation and irritation, so it is recommended to use Hyaluronic acid on the skin to restore and protect the lipid barrier.

5. Tighter Skin Tone

As we age, the elastin that we once had when we were younger is no longer there, but Hyaluronic Acid can help with the appearance of tightness in the skin. Seeing as it fills the skin with moisture, it also aids in tightening the overall complexion, firming facial contours for more of a youthful look.

6. Smoother texture

Hyaluronic Acid will aid in smoothening out the texture of the skin. The results are a smooth and silky finish, which you will be able to see and feel.  If your skin has acne scars, Hyaluronic acid will not fill those scars, but combined with a derma roller – it can make the skin look smoother over continued use.

7. Wrinkles and Fine lines are less visible

When the skin is hydrated and protected, an increase of cell production starts to happen as the skin isn’t busy fighting to stay hydrated – which leads to smoother and plumper skin cells. The skin around your eyes will be the first area to start to show fine lines and wrinkles, so, by using an eye cream twice daily, this will help in keeping your skin supple and hydrated which will inevitably prevent new lines from being formed.

8. Skin Cell Regeneration

Did you know that it takes about 28 days for new skin cells to make it to the surface of the skin? When you reach your mid 20s, collagen and elastic production starts to slow down. As we age, new skin cells can take up to 90 days to reach the surface of the skin. While Hyaluronic Acid won’t speed up the renewal process, it will promote skin cell regeneration by giving extra hydration and barrier protection to the skin. Naturally, this leads to healthier cells and a more lively complexion.

9. Dark Spots

The reason why we occur dark spots is because there is a difference in melanin levels. Melanin is what provides colour to the skin and protects it from the sun. When there is an overproduction of Melanin, this can result in a skin discoloration (dark spots). Hyaluronic acid can help with dark spots, but unfortunately not on its own. It has to be paired up with a vitamin c booster/serum in order to it to work efficiently.

10. Clarity

When oily skin is stripped from hydration, it will end up producing even more oil to compensate for what was lost. A common misconception is that oily and acne prone skin does not need hydration, but as a matter of fact they do. Hyaluronic Acid prevents too much oil from being produced that will result in clogged pores which will then turn into a break out.










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