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Aionios (A-YON-I-OS) means eternal in Ancient Greek.

Aionios (A-YON-I-OS) means eternal in Ancient Greek.

Located in Yorkville, Bayview Village and Danforth in the Greater Toronto Area, Aionios Med Spa treats your skin and anti-aging concerns with non-invasive, medical-grade facials and body treatments.

More than just offering a solution to radiant and healthy skin, our spas have a mission to help make YOU feel the best about YOU!

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View real patient before and afters from actual patients at Aionios Med Spa.

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With knowledgeable staff trained in establishing targeted treatment plans for our clients, our integrative approach begins with a thorough clinical consultation to determine skin concerns.

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Just fill in the contact info and one of our representatives will assist to book at the location and time best suitable for you

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Make sure you get the treatment you deserve on a regular basis. We offer membership to a variety of our exclusive facials.

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We offer a large range of discounts on advanced facial and body skincare products for at home maintenance.

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High-end ingredients treatments, Advanced systems, Injectables, wide range of Target Areas & Unique boutique products all come together in our one of a kind boutique med spa. The multi model approach offers custom treatments to achieve best results tailored for YOU.

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